Hydraulic Distributor Manufacturers in India

Working simultaneously as manufacturers and distributors of Hydraulic mechanical parts is our specialty. We are also known for our manufacture of Hydraulic Distributor which is an important mechanical part and is needed in various equipment and machines. Clasys is a completely mechanical part manufacturing firm and we only make the best products under the expert eye of professionals using the best quality raw materials required for the manufacturing. If you have been searching for direct manufacturers of Hydraulic Distributors who are acted as suppliers without the participation of any go-between then read on ahead to find out more about our customer services and products.

• Hydraulic Distributors are important in devices which use compressed gas or liquid fuel to function. The distributors ensure that the flow of the liquid fuel is constant and regulated according to the needs of the device and the working of the machinery. Hydraulic distributors also help to accommodate the direction of the liquid both automatically and manually.

• The distributer mainly is made of many valves which help in the control of both the direction of the flow of the liquid fuel as well as the amount of the fluid needed. The valves work individually which ensures that you can easily use a hydraulic distributor to supply fuel to multiple tanks at the same time. All our hydraulic distributors are equipped with the emergency shut-down system in case there are any emergencies. In any such situation if the fluid fuel has already flowed towards the valve it can always flow back to the pump even after the flow of any liquid is completely stopped from the pump to the valve. This further assures the smooth working of hydraulic distributor and its importance in the smooth and safe functioning of the distribution of liquid fuel.

• We have hydraulic distributors which are designed compactly for better portability. It is mounted with only one screw from the back and four ports are available for instant use at the same time. Our manufactured hydraulic distributors have a maximum flow of 18lpm and the operating pressure range available is 1-30Mpa.

• You can also personalize your hydraulic distributor with clam and de clamp options, increase to 12 ports or a reduction to 2 ports for use at once. We also make sure that our distributors are safe for both air and oil transfers. These two varied types of transfers can be done together as well in a parallel manner.

• The rates are all reasonable and we also give discounts to our clients. The device is completely made of alloy steel along with corrosion resistive coatings added as an extra finishing touch to enhance durability. Our distributors are also checked for reactions and certified by professionals as the best non-reactive and safe to use hydraulic distributors.

To put in your order contact us today whenever you want and enjoy no shipping and delivery costs along with priority delivery. We guarantee that you will find your order at your said location whenever you want. Call us to give order for hydraulic distributors we are leading Hydraulic distributor manufacturers in India

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