Self Centering Vice

Self-centering vice is nothing but a device that finds wide scale use in the machine industry.

It can be termed as a work-holding device that has the capability to automatically adjust the work piece to its center and this in turn greatly improves the repeatability and Precision of the machine working.

In addition to this, the purpose of self-centering vice is that it can be used in horizontal as well as vertical machinery systems and is primarily beneficial in drilling, finishing applications, and milling purpose.

Each of these applications requires a high level of precision and accuracy and therefore, self-centering vises the work perfectly.

Last but not the least, self-centering vises are usually used in order to improve efficiency, attain the maximum amount of accuracy, and gain quick fixturing.

Self-Centering Vises for Improved Accuracy and speed

At Clasys, We offer the best quality self-centering vices in different dimensions and jaw width along with some of the multi-access models so as to carry out Complex machinery operations in a smooth way.

A unique and quality product

What makes our self-centering vices a quality product is a fact that it has some unique and flexible adjustment features that help the centerline of the jaws to be set in such a way that it can be set as required.

This comes particularly handy when the centerline has to be aligned with multiple mountings of the vices on particular machinery.

The best product to attain utmost precision

The self-centering vices are a great product for attaining utmost precision during multiple machining applications.

Our multi-axis self-centering vises come with certain standard features that contribute to great performance but at the same time also offer some exceptional functionality and versatility for any kind of advanced machinery application.

Capacity to accommodate

The self-centering vices manufactured by us have the capacity to be able to accommodate work pieces as per their dimensions and the extra length of the jaw allows for an additional amount of precision as well as versatility.

Our 5-axis self-centering vises can accommodate work pieces up to 6.5” long and extra tall jaws allow for increased spindle clearance.

For machining applications requiring additional precision and versatility, this is the reason that our precision Force self-centering vises are created with three different kinds of jaw options that help in providing a clamping force that goes up to 2,500 lbs.

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