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Clasys is a client centric organization prominently engaged in the manufacture and export of the cylinders based in Bangalore. The varying types of the cylinders that we manufacture can be categorized as Compact Cylinders, Clamp Cylinders, Block Cylinders, Tie Rod Cylinders, Compact Link Clamp Cylinders, Threaded Body Cylinders and Swing Cylinders. We manufacture these cylinders by using application specific designs that make them to be the best available cylinders in the industry that exactly serve the application at its best. We engineer these cylinders by deploying the advanced technologies, thus making them technologically advanced cylinders.

The special attributes of our cylinders is their compact design and its space saving mounting. The use of the finest raw materials and advanced technology makes these cylinders to have a higher coefficient of resistance towards corrosion and imparts it a longer service life. All the components used in the making of these cylinders are of high standard quality that is sourced from reputed vendors of the industry. We make these cylinders available in varying specifications depending on the application specific requirements. These cylinders offered by us are widely acclaimed in the market owing to their effective performance, optimal power consumption and extended durability.

Why Clasys is the Best Cylinder Manufacturer in India?

Cylinders are used in the engine of automobiles and various machines. There are multiple types of cylinders. The basic use of a cylinder is regulation the smooth flow of oil or fuel to the engine for combustion and to maintain a safe pressure while the combustion takes place. The different types of cylinders that we manufacture have different functioning as well along with the basic function. You can take your pick from Block cylinder, Threaded body cylinder and more depending upon the size and the model of the machine or the vehicle you want to put the cylinder in. Clasys is a brand name for cylinder manufacturing that is recognized all over the world for the quality and excellent services. We manufacturer all types and varieties of cylinders needed for different kinds of automobiles and other machines. If you have been in the cylinder dealing for a while and have been searching for a manufacturer then, here are all the reasons listed that will tell you why choosing Clasys as your cylinder manufacturer is the best step towards the boom of your business quickly.

• While looking for manufacturers we understand you look for several things other than the quality of the goods that are supplied. The other services that you are looking for from a manufacturer are what we are known for giving to our clients. We offer on-time and any given location delivery within the country.

• You can get to our office from anywhere you want as we have our office set up in prime locations all over India. You can also get in touch with us through phones and e-mails. We are available for consultation at any time you want or find convenient to talk. You can get a detailed brochure of all our available goods online and can clear any doubts you have via enquiry. You can also call our executive for assistance and discussions at your convenient place. We make sure to make the convenience of our clients the foremost priority while initiating any kind of deals and discussions.

• The metals used for making the cylinders are first tested at our laboratories by experts and approved only after the durability, density and the mass of the metals match with that of the required measurements taken for making the cylinders. Usually, stainless steel is used for its strength and rust-free qualities. We understand as manufacturers that while looking for cylinders to put in machines and vehicles, durability is the first quality you look for. The extra coatings and shine added to the finished cylinders also make sure that the cylinders have a longer life span compared to others

• While making different kinds of cylinders we also make sure that the sizes are measured properly so that you can get different varieties of cylinders in various shapes and sizes. The measurements and the cutting of the metal are completely done with the help of advanced machines so that there are no issues regarding the shape and the size of the cylinder.

• The metal sheets are first sent for cleansing and shaping. Once the shaping is done, the sheets are transferred into machines for welding and joining. Coatings are added at each step to ensure that the machines have longer durability. The pressure for the cylinders is measured and kept in check so that there are no problems after the cylinders are installed in machines and vehicles for combustion to take place. An added layer of extra shine is also added. We also make sure that the edges are finely shaped without any sharp edges.

• The price of the cylinder varies based on its size and the type you want. You can place a single order for multiple varieties of cylinders. We understand that keeping track of separate orders might be a tad bit difficult so to ensure client convenience we have this opportunity for our esteemed clients. Put in a single order for the types and the various sizes of each cylinder you need and we will deliver it all together.

• Before the finished goods are sent in for packaging we also ensure to check on random finished samples to make sure that there was no compromise on quality and making while going through the manufacturing process.

• WE also manufactured customized cylinders and if you have any specifications regarding the size and the structure of the cylinder in mind you can send in your ideas and requirements beforehand to our team of expert designers. We will look through your needed specifications and make sure to deliver the order in absolute accordance with your needs. You can also take the help of our designers to design your personalized cylinders if you do not have a specific idea in mind.

• We all offer all our clients a virtual walk through the elaborate manufacturing procedure we have for our cylinders. You can sign up for a session for free before you put in your orders. We also have our executives and experts present on the scene to answer any enquiries you may have after the virtual tour and the discussions. You can also place your order with us on the same day if you want to.

• Placing an order requires a lot of paperwork and contracts to be signed but with the help of legal experts on our team present specifically for client service, you neither need to go around looking for an advocate nor do you need to run around the court in circles. Our legal experts will help you to understand the term and conditions and amend the contract if necessary and you can just sign and be done with it.

Place your order from anywhere in India and we will make sure to deliver the order on the given address exactly within the stipulated timeframe. We will also keep you updated about the status of your order. Both our services and our quality of cylinders manufactured and delivered have made Clasys the best cylinder manufacturer in India.

Cylinders, Cylinders Suppliers, Cylinders Manufacturers
Cylinders, Cylinders Suppliers, Cylinders Manufacturers

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Cylinders, Cylinders Suppliers, Cylinders Manufacturers

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide array of Cylinders.

Cylinders, Cylinders Suppliers, Cylinders Manufacturers

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Cylinders, Cylinders Suppliers, Cylinders Manufacturers

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Cylinders, Cylinders Suppliers, Cylinders Manufacturers

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Cylinders, Cylinders Suppliers, Cylinders Manufacturers