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Cylinders are widely used in the manufacturing and processing industry as important components of machinery. There are multiple ranges of cylinders available and hydraulic cylinders are one such type.

A hydraulic cylinder is mainly based on the unidirectional force that is applied through a unidirectional stroke. It is also called a mechanical actuator. The word actuator means "mover" and therefore these types of cylinders are used to move certain mechanics in the machinery. They act as important components of a mechanical system. The hydraulic cylinders are also termed as linear motors. These cylinders cine with multiple and ate widely used for purposes such as in machinery used for manufacturing purpose, construction equipment and also for civil engineering.

Let us understand how these cylinders work, with the help of various components that are used to make them. They mainly comprise of seven components.

The Cylinder Barrel It is a seamless barrel that makes sure that enough pressure is exerted. The inner has a smooth surface and ensures smooth movement of the piston as it moves up and down. The cylinder cap is used to tap the pressure and blocks it from moving out. Therefore one part of the cylinder is closed during the piston motion.

Next is the cylinder head and is an important part that is attached to the body through threading. This helps to keep the pressure sealed with the help of rid sealing.

The piston helps to divide the two sides that exert pressure. The low and the high-pressure area should never meet and the piston helps in managing this.

Piston Rod The piston is followed by the piston rod that connects the machine component and the cylinder. A simple mounting attachment does the job and keeps it in place. They are made of hard chrome-plated steel and extend to the end of the rod end.

The seal gland is another important component that comprises of other minor components. The main job if the seal gland is to block the pressurized oil from leaking when a connection between rod and head is established.

Seals come in a lot of variety and can perform various functions. The type of seal should be chosen as per the function that it offers. It mainly helps in regulating speed, cylinder pressure, operation of temperature, etc. There are various seals available, namely cast iron seal, single or double-acting metallic seal, etc. They also have wipers that help get rid of dirt, moisture, and grime that may accumulate and pose a potential threat to the functioning of the cylinder.

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