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We were set up with an aim to manufacture and supply superior quality Pneumatic Cylinders to our reputed clients. Our technical experts are proficient in designing and developing the endless range of Pneumatic Cylinders as per the requirements and changing trends of the market. We make use of the superior graded components in the manufacture of the Pneumatic Cylinders that are designed to meet various industrial applications. Thus the Pneumatic Cylinders available in a variety of grades and sizes and are imparted with the sturdy and robust construction, high durability, excellent finish, long functional life, less prone to wear and tear. These Pneumatic Cylinders have the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions.

In compliance with the set industry norms and standards, our outstanding range of Pneumatic Cylinders is the preferred choice of many national and international customers. Our regularly updating technological innovations have aided us in meeting the changing dynamics of the market and keeping our clients satisfied with the finest quality Pneumatic Cylinders. With the outstanding infrastructure and knowledgeable workforce, we are able to mark our position in the market and are able to cater to the diverse and customized Pneumatic Cylinders requirements of our clientele. Our dynamic and proficient team always puts in their best effort and strives to maintain the highest standards of business and to offer our clients with the extra durable, high quality and perfect finish Pneumatic Cylinders at market leading prices.

Attributes of Pneumatic Cylinders:

  • High quality
  • Excellent Finish
  • Long functional life
  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • Less prone to wear and tear

Reasons Clasys Is Best Pneumatic Cylinder Manufacturers in India

The Indian market has always been the best for manufactures and manufacturing businesses to boom with the fast development in various sectors and the demand for more industries expanding every day. The spread of the industrial sectors meant the extensive use of machines in the industry for various purposes. The functioning of these machines depended largely upon the safe working of the combustion process that took place within the machines. This combustion process was mostly done inside cylinders especially pneumatic cylinders. Also, known as air cylinders these pneumatic cylinders are also extensively used in entertainment parks to work the huge puppets and different figures of animals. Because of its large scale used, the cylinders are very much in demand in the market and are used in almost all industries and the demand for the supply of the cylinders is on a permanent rise requiring huge scale manufacture of the pneumatic cylinders as well. Here is a small glance at the working and the basics of a pneumatic cylinder.

• The pneumatic cylinders are used only for mechanical purposes to run mechanical devices. The cylinders itself are mechanical devices that are fixed inside machines to ensure that the compressed gas that is used for the combustion process is locked safely inside the cylinder without any leakages.

• The cylinders are also celebrated as air cylinders because mostly the cylinders work on compressed gas acting as fuel. The gas inside is turned into an acting force by the cylinder easily with the help of pistons attached inside the cylinders. The reciprocating force works in a linear motion which makes sure that when the cylinders are used for working puppets no leakages are dripping on the audience around the puppet.

• Using pneumatic cylinders also makes it safe for the children to play with the puppets as compressed gases are often harmful and hazardous but the safety of our manufactured pneumatic cylinder makes sure that it is safe.

• Also, pneumatic cylinders are preferred because the cylinders do not make any kind of noise and neither does it emit a huge amount of smoke while working. The functioning of the cylinders is quite clean and quiet. The cylinders can also work smoothly at a fast pace without having a big storage place for compressed gas or fluid. As the compressed gas is often primarily in a fluid state, the pneumatic cylinder works with a disc and a piston rod to help in the transfer of the required and applied force on the fuel both before and after combustion.

• The disc and the piston rod moves in sync with each other along with the sealing in the cylinder to make sure that there are no external influences while the fuel is undergoing a combustion process. This makes sure of one essential fact that the fuel is completely healthy and pure after the combustion process is done.

• The working of the cylinders is very simple and depends mostly on the type of cylinder you choose. There is no huge and heavy mechanic included in the making and functioning of the pneumatic cylinders. We will take a look at the manufacturing process of the pneumatic cylinders below.

With innovation finding the upper hand in the manufacturing process, we have several types of pneumatic cylinders in our manufactured collection. Unlike previously, you can now choose from whichever type of pneumatic cylinder suits your machine the best. Here is a small look at the various varieties of pneumatic cylinders available with us.

• We manufacture pneumatic cylinder varieties like Double-acting cylinders also known as DAC, rodless cylinders, telescopic and multi-stage cylinders, rotary air and cushion end air cylinders, Tandem air and Impact air cylinders are some of the types you can find in our collection of pneumatic cylinders.

• Rodless pneumatic cylinders use magnetic coupling abilities to do the work of exerting the force. Piston rods are not attached here is anyway and the whole work is done only with the actuators that travel the length of the cylinder without leaving the body of the cylinder behind.

• For DAC cylinders the piston rod offers the maximum force and moves both in extracting and retracting strokes. The cylinder also allows the intake of two parts of air for continuing both the strokes together at once.

• Pneumatic cylinders that are assembled in series with two units of cylinders are officially called Tandem cylinders. These cylinders offer an increased amount of force and help in working huge machines smoothly at a fast pace. These cylinders also used to work machines and puppets in entertainment and theme parks. Usually, the force required to work the machines and the puppets there, is huge and it also requires a continuous flow of the same huge force. Tandem cylinders are a perfect fit here.

• The supply of the pneumatic cylinders has grown over the years with a vast development in different kinds of industrial and entertainment places. The huge theme parks that have currently come into operating safely and efficiently with the help of pneumatic cylinders from our range.

• The available pneumatic cylinders with us also have varied built body construction such as Flanged-type, one-piece welded, Threaded end and Tie-rod. You can order any or all types of body construction for your required number of pneumatic cylinders in one single order itself. This single order facility is our specialty and you can have a look at it in detail below as you read on ahead.

• The pneumatic cylinders work together with rhythmic rod stresses and instroke and outstroke working together. The stress on the rod makes the piston work in a compressed manner which further ensures that the force and the pressure are applied at the right place.

Now that you know about the rudiments of the functioning of the pneumatic cylinders and its main uses, the next best step to take care of is to find the best manufacturers for yourself to ensure that you always have a constant supply of the pneumatic cylinders without having to wait for any middleman to put your orders through. Manufacturing of pneumatic cylinders is a mirror of Clasys and if you are wondering about the benefits of choosing Clasys as your pneumatic cylinder manufacturer then have a look below at all the enlisted advantages only for you.

• Clasys is synonymous with the manufacture of cylinders used in various industries including automation industries and entertainment parks. We are also known for our special manufacture of a pneumatic cylinder. To manufacture the cylinders we make sure that only imported machines are used for cutting and welding the machines. The parts of the cylinder are manufactured through several ways and then assembled with the help of the latest technologies and equipment under the eye of experts.

• The metal used for making the pneumatic cylinders is usually stainless steel but we also use a variety of other metals to make sure that the cylinder achieves its required strength for purposes. All the metals are imported and only the best of the materials are used after a quality check by the experts where the metals are only approved by professionals after the solids are tested for durability, anti-rusting capabilities, and density at the manufacturing laboratories. Metals such as nickel-plated brass and aluminum are also used along with a mixture of alloys to make the body of the cylinders stronger.

• The use of different metals also gives the cylinders a different look. You can take your pick from a glossy looking cylinder or a matt finished cylinder as per your choice and need. Both the types of cylinders are available with us for priority deliveries as well.

• For clients who have been purchasing from us for a long time, we have special services and offer. If you are a new tour client base then fret not for we have various offers for you as well and also several services customized according to your needs and wants. We are known for our regular supply of pneumatic cylinders all over the country. We also supply and make international deliveries as manufacturers. Our client base is extended without any boundaries and we present equal services and benefits for all our clients from all corners of the world.

• All the multiple varieties of pneumatic cylinders manufactured by us are available within reasonable price ranges. As manufacturers and suppliers, we make sure that the pricing of the cylinders are kept well within an affordable range so that you can order in bulk and as much as you want all together. If you want details regarding the prices of our manufactured range of pneumatic cylinders then you can take a look online or you can contact our executives over the phone or visit us at our place anytime you want for a further detailed discussion on the prices and the discounts available on your order.

• We promise delivery of the order placed with us within the given time frame along with free shipping and complimentary carrier costs. All your orders are packed and shipped directly from our manufacturing units and we ship and deliver all over the country at the location given by you. If you need part deliveries of your single order at multiple locations then we are more than happy to be of your service. Client convenience and satisfaction along with the excellent quality of goods supplied are the foremost priority of our manufacturing business.

• All the raw materials used in the making of our pneumatic cylinders are of excellent quality and certifies durability and anti-rusting qualities. Not only the cylinders run for a long period but the cylinders are also safe and the various sizes of the cylinders ensure that you get the perfect fit for the cylinder holder of your machine. The anti-corrosive qualities of the metals are further strengthened by the extra layers of coating that is put on the pneumatic cylinder. The coatings are put on every part of the cylinder separately and then the coating is again put on the cylinder before the finishing touch is given. This ensures that the cylinder is protected overall.

• All our pneumatic cylinders are designed to meet the expectations of today’s industrial standards. We have a qualified team of designers who are not only expert and adept at their work but are also experienced in the field. All the designs are unique and developed by our company designers from scratch. If you require any kind of special addition to the cylinders you can talk to our designers and get it modified according to your wish.

• We also offer customized pneumatic cylinders. For personalized orders, you can put in your order specifications and the modifications you need with our team of professionals and we will accommodate the same in your order of pneumatic cylinders with.

• For mounts and sealing, you can choose the type, you want along with the type of the cylinder you are choosing. As the cylinders mostly deal with compressed gas we take special care while putting on the mounts and sealing to ensure that there is absolute safety for the user.

• You can also have an open discussion with our representatives who will not only elaborately discuss all the manufacturing processes with you but will also take you on a virtual tour of the whole procedure. While on the virtual tour you can look at the manufacturing processes in detail. We also ensure to use environment-friendly and energy-saving manufacturing machines and procedures. The packing of the goods for shipping is also done with biodegradable and reusable materials. All our manufactured pneumatic cylinders are also built to save energy so that you can get the maximum work done with only a specified amount of fuel.

We are available anytime for you and all you need to do is to make a call or drop in an e-mail to place your order with us directly. We have transparent legal contracts available for both industries and dealers and you can fast forward your order while easily closing deals.

Pneumatic Cylinders Suppliers, Pneumatic Cylinders Manufacturers
Pneumatic Cylinders Suppliers, Pneumatic Cylinders Manufacturers

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