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Our parallel gripper manufacturers offer parallel grippers that include small parts for safe and accurate handling of workpieces, universal handles with long strokes, and sealed handles.

It can handle items that weigh several grams to 80 kg and are suitable for many applications, ranging from clean rooms to explosive work areas.

The ability to equip two grippers with an inductive sensing system, a magnetic contact, or a gripper finger for a workpiece improves its functionality, reliability, and productivity.

In addition, innovative design changes such as multi-tooth control are combined with the latest production technology to ensure robust, reliable, secure investment and long life.

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What is a parallel gripper?

A parallel gripper is a type of industrial robot gripper that has two fingers that hold it parallel when opened and closed.

During the operation, the finger locks the workpiece, holds it during the task, and releases the object as needed.

The parallel gripper mechanism is ideal for handling predictable shaped parts and is often selected for machine tilting, selection, and positioning applications.

The parallel gripper can be operated electrically or pneumatically. The electrical parallel gripper uses electricity to drive the motor.

The motor is attached to the gripper finger to convert the circular motion of the motor into a linear motion.

On the other hand, parallel pneumatic grippers use pneumatic pressure to open and close the gripper fingers.

Parallel grippers are also available in variations of "mechanical grippers" and "adaptive grippers."

The term "mechanical gripper" refers to an industrial gripper that uses a movable handle (or "finger") to grip an object.

Mechanical grippers provide reliable performance in all types of manufacturing applications, from machine care to assembly, while adaptive grippers allow robots to vary without end-user intervention and gripper shifts. It is more versatile because it can pick up various objects.

Use your fingers to move the workpiece to the center of the gripper during operation to securely grip the object.

Parallel grippers should not be confused with three-finger handles or angled grippers. The three-finger gripper has a more complex mechanism for holding the workpiece with three fingers corresponding to 120 °.

Benefits of parallel grippers:-

The parallel gripper allows the robot to perform an accurate grip on objects within a narrow size range.

The strokes tend to be small (when the space between the two grippers is fully open and closed). Most of the parallel gripper in the market has a stroke of less than 50mm.

The tips of the parallel gripper fingers remain perfectly parallel throughout the movement. This differs from a rotating gripper that follows a slightly curved path when closed.

This is the reason why these tools are so good at delicate tasks. Another reason is that Hand-E is made with very low tolerances, which improves accuracy.

One of the great advantages of such a gripper is the ease of replacing the fingertips. This allows you to redesign them to perfectly meet the needs of your application.

However, this may also be a hindrance if you limit your ability to adapt to different tasks. Previously, many multi-gripper tools were introduced to the market in only one activation kit with no fingertips.

We avoided this problem by equipping Hand-E with a multifunctional pair of fingertips that are suitable for many popular applications.

Parallel gripper manufacturers: Pioneer in technology and quality for many years

We went into the history of automation when we developed the first industrial standard PPG handle.

From robust grippers to small components, whether pneumatic or electric, efficient universal handles with a wide range of options for electric precision grippers with intelligent power control, parallel gripper manufacturers offer everything.

Benefits of relying on our parallel gripper manufacturers

The world's largest selection of standard grippers for all pneumatic and electrical conditions and surrounding applications

Robust technology with long service life, including patented multi-tooth control

Our parallel gripper manufacturers have years of experience in the development and efficiency of gripper systems and solutions using gripper systems