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Clasys is counted one among the best hydraulic cylinders manufacturers and suppliers. We have been successfully providing an elite range of hydraulic cylinders to cater to the wide requirements of our clients. We design and develop these hydraulic cylinders using the high grade raw materials to ensure durability and high tensile strength. We offer the hydraulic cylinders that have been known among our clients for their quality, reliability and performance. Our hydraulic cylinders have acquired certificates from various certification bodies. These hydraulic cylinders are manufactured under strict supervision of our quality assurance department that makes it easy to handle and install.

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Our hydraulic cylinders find extensive application in critical areas of atomic, defense, aerospace, railways, earthmoving, etc. All the seals used in our hydraulic cylinders are self adjusting for a long and trouble free life. The manufacture of our hydraulic cylinders imparts it the extra ordinary attributes when compared to other counterparts in the industry. We have established a formidable name in the industry with all qualitative range of hydraulic cylinders that have a smooth functioning and a long life performance.

Why We Are Best Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers in India?

Cylinders are essential mechanical parts used in cars, trucks and other all sorts of vehicles that run on fuel, steam, compressed air, vitriol, etc. Cylinders are also extensively used in building machines for heavy use in industrial areas. Sometimes cylinders used for machines are often confused with cylinders used at home for cooking but to make sure that none of that confusion happens here we have prepared a small read for the consumers below.

The cylinders used for vehicles are a lot different from cylinders used for cooking. The cooking cylinders are not only huge but are filled with liquid flammable gas whereas the cylinders used in machines and vehicles are neither monumental in size nor is it filled with any kind of gas or liquid.

The cylinders are only filled with liquid when required and while the machine or the car is working. The combustion of the fuel takes place in the cylinders which are then converted into energy for the functioning of the machine or the engine.

The working power is derived from the combustion of the fuels in the cylinders. This combustion is safe and hazards free as the cylinder is completely sealed and fitted in perfectly within the cylinder holders. The only place from where the transfer of fuels happens is controlled by rotary joints which are self-sealing so that the pressure can be maintained in perfect accordance.

There are various varieties of cylinders available for industrial and vehicular use. You can make your choice amongst Block cylinders, Threaded Body cylinders, Hydraulic Cylinders, etc., depending upon the type of machine you are using and the size and pressure range you need. The size of the cylinder block is also another factor that contributes towards the type of cylinder you need to fit for the best possible combustion.

The cylinders used herein the machines usually work on the fuel of different types like petrol, vitriol, hot oil, steam, compressed air, and others. It is very important that when the fuel is transferred into the cylinder, there are no leakages and that the cylinder can hold the required amount of fuel for safe and easy combustion. The perfect pressure maintained by the cylinder also plays a critical role in ensuring that there are no chances of any kind of unforeseen incidents. We as manufacturers of cylinders make the safe working of the cylinders our priority.

Clasys is counted one among the best hydraulic cylinders manufacturers and suppliers. We have been successfully providing an elite range of hydraulic cylinders to cater to the wide requirements of our clients. We design and develop these hydraulic cylinders using the high grade raw materials to ensure durability and high tensile strength. We offer the hydraulic cylinders that have been known among our clients for their quality, reliability and performance. Our hydraulic cylinders have acquired certificates from various certification bodies. These hydraulic cylinders are manufactured under strict supervision of our quality assurance department that makes it easy to handle and install

Now that you have an idea about the cylinders used in machines and vehicles, here is why choosing the right manufacturer of cylinders is important. A hydraulic cylinder is a type of cylinder that is being used extensively these days for various purposes. If you have been dealing in hydraulic cylinders or have just started your business and are in urgent need of the hydraulic cylinders then contact Clasys at the first opportunity. Here is a little glimpse at the various uses, functioning and the advantages of using a Hydraulic cylinder. Also, read below to find out how we have achieved the certificate of being the best manufacturers of Hydraulic cylinders.

Hydraulic cylinders although small in size compared to huge working functions it has been known for being used in big shot industries like railways, aerospace, earthmoving machines and more. These cylinders work on very little and give a huge force to accomplish both speed and big working benefits all at once.

Hydraulic cylinders usually work in a single direction. It acts as a mechanical actuator to enforce a unidirectional force via a unidirectional stroke. These cylinders are even used in our manufacturing industries for operating heavy machines. The other place where these cylinders are used is construction sites to work the heavy construction machines.

These kinds of cylinders mostly work on various types of oil especially hydraulic oil. The oil is usually at a pressurized state also known as hydraulic fluid at that state gives power to the hydraulic cylinder for the smooth functioning of both the cylinder and the machine.

If you are wondering about the parts that make up a hydraulic cylinder and how that makes the cylinder a tab bit different from other varieties of the cylinder then here is a look at the same.

A hydraulic cylinder is manufactured in parts and then joined and given the shape of a cylinder. The cylinder barrel also most commonly known as the body of the hydraulic cylinder is shaped first and then the cylinder base or the cylinder cap is added to the structure of the cylinder body. This cap or base also acts as a pressure closing point for the body of the cylinder which is designed to hold the required pressure. The other functions of the cylinder cap include it working as a seal and cylinder mounting point.

While manufacturing the cylinder body we make sure that the inside of the body of the cylinder receives a smooth finish with increased precision tolerance and durability.

When attaching the cap to the body we make sure that the capsize matches with that of the bending stress and is connected with the body of the hydraulic cylinder with either of the following such as by welding, threading, tie-rods, or bolts. The caps are attached tightly with either an O-ring or a static seal placed in between the body of the cylinder barrel and the cap. These seals are only left when the cylinder is has a welded attachment with the caps.

• The other parts which are used in the making of a hydraulic cylinder are piston and piston rods. The piston rod is connected to the piston head which slowly moves back and forth with the movement of the attached rod. The seal glands ensure that there are zero chances of leakage of the fuel while the cylinder is in its full working mode.

• When it comes to the application of force then the double-acting one-piece piston rods help in reducing the force that can be applied for the reduction of force for the retraction stroke.

• Some other important parts which go into the making of a complete hydraulic cylinder are cushions, butt pins, eye brackets, pivot pins, Polypak pistons, head glands Alignment coupler and more. As manufacturers, we guarantee that all the parts are manufactured by us and carry our seal as a guarantee. The parts are put together in our manufacturing units by the latest machines under the supervision of adept professionals and experts in the manufacturing area.

• We put on several varieties of coatings while the manufacturing of the hydraulic cylinders. The coating ensures that the cylinder stays free of rust at every surface level. Separate parts of the cylinder are coated with anti-corrosive layers separately to ensure that each part of the cylinder has its resistance against corrosion. The final anti-corrosive coating is given after the whole cylinder is joined. An extra layer of shine is also added along with the coating to make the cylinder attractive. Mostly coatings techniques such as Chrome Nickel Plating, Thermal Spraying, Laser Cladding are given to the hydraulic cylinders to smooth out the surface roughness ensuring optimum performance levels for the seals in the process. While the coating ensures longer life, eye-catching glossy looks or a matt finish appearance, the coating technique is used on the cylinder after severe consultation to make sure that only the right technique is used for the different operational structures of the cylinder.

• For manufacturing our hydraulic cylinder we use metals that are already celebrated for its rust-free capabilities. Metals such as galvanized steel, Stainless steel also have the right density and hardiness for the manufacture of the hydraulic cylinders. The quality of the metals brought in is tested in our laboratories especially set-up for metal testing for the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders. We also make sure to give the hydraulic cylinders its needed tensile strength at the highest possible point.

• Manufacturing Hydraulic cylinders require precision and advanced machines to put all the parts together. We as manufacturers ensure that we have all the latest manufacturing machines along with the most developed technologies of running the machines. You can choose to get either of the male and female piston ending hydraulic cylinders from our collection of hydraulic cylinders.

• We also keep a note on the pressure creation that is required in the cylinder to perform the combustion process finely. At Clasys, we focus special attention on the seals and the sealing part so that there are no chances of leakages in any conditions while the fuel is being transferred or the combustion is happening.

• If you are worried about the pricings of the cylinder then be assured that we have the best offers and discounts along with an affordable price list waiting for you. All our hydraulic cylinders are manufactured with the best quality materials and under complete expert supervision. You can ask for a detailed pricing list from our executives both online and offline. If you want you can also call our executive over at your convenient place and time. We have seasonal offers as well along with added benefits of client satisfaction. The price of the hydraulic cylinders mostly differs on the variety you choose to order. We have earned the certification for having the best reasonable price without compromising on quality or customer services for many years in a row.

• If you are need customized hydraulic cylinders for certain models of cars and machines then feel free to talk to our designers and professionals. Our dedicated team will help you to turn your customizable ideas into reality. Get the cylinders customized on size and looks as you want with a huge price difference. For orders that need customization, we have separate contracts. You can take and sign the contracts after you take your legal consultation. We will start working on your customized order as soon as you sign the contract and close the deal with a nominal advance. You can also choose to make payments in installments even with your personalized orders.

• We are also wholesale suppliers of hydraulic cylinders. If we have your old customized order details then you need not worry as we will work on the same order without you having to explain it all over again until and unless you require any new specifications. For orders that do not require any personalization, you can contact our executives and put in your order anytime you want via any medium.

• All our finished product checking laboratories are set up within our manufacturing units to ensure that the finished goods can be checked immediately and approved for immediate packing and shipping.

• While packing the goods we ensure to use bubble wraps and polystyrene and biodegradable cardboard boxes so that there are no damages incurred while the goods are being shipped. We offer complimentary shipping all over the country at any given location by you. We also offer expert checks after the goods are delivered to make sure the order delivered is perfect. Our delivery is always on time and you can easily stay updated with the status of your order with the tracking id we offer when you put in the order. You can also call up our experts to get a live update on the status of your order. Time is as valuable as money and as manufacturers, we are completely understanding the concept so you can always expect your order to arrive on time without any issues.

We also have a legal team on board to help you with the separate contracts for putting your orders perfectly. You can also bring your legal experts and close the deal only when you feel satisfied with the terms and conditions. All our dealings are very transparent and there are no hidden issues. We are recognized and top noted hydraulic cylinder manufacturers in India, we have direct dealings with both industries and individuals. We also have separate contacts and offers for dealers. Clasys is famed as the best hydraulic cylinder manufacturer in India and for more information contact us today.


Specializing in the repair and manufacture of hydraulic systems, our hydraulic cylinder manufacturers have a large stock of raw materials and hydraulic components in order to create your custom hydraulic cylinder.

Our workshops house thousands of references in different sizes and dimensions to ensure an identical reproduction, or even improvement, of your part, used, whatever its model and environment of use: agricultural hydraulic cylinder, cylinder for industrial handling, cylinder for public works machinery, etc.

Reproduction of your new hydraulic cylinder

Single-acting cylinder, double-acting cylinder, telescopic cylinder...Our hydraulic cylinder manufacturers make all your custom-made hydraulic cylinders for a reproduction faithful to the used part or to the drawings given.

Our design office goes even further if necessary. Our experience, as well as our technical and mechanical skills, allow us to analyze the characteristics of the original cylinder and to study the constraints linked to your activity to go so far as to suggest more efficient hydraulic cylinders, such as more enduring joints in the face at high temperatures or a rod more resistant to shocks for example.

Tests and controls to certify the quality of the parts

To guarantee high-quality manufacturing, be aware that after manufacturing in the workshop, all hydraulic cylinders produced are tested at 240 bars.

In addition, various checks are carried out via our hydraulic test bench: verification of the tightness of the rod, load simulation, etc.

Our goal is to provide you with efficient hydraulic cylinders that meet safety standards.


You have participated in our history: Our hydraulic cylinder manufacturers have been manufacturing hydraulic cylinders in small and medium series for many years for manufacturers in many sectors of activity! On the plan, model, or tailor-made, our teams are at your disposal.

You are at the heart of the project: We support you throughout your project. From the study of your specifications or 3D plans, we design and manufacture hydraulic cylinders for easy integration. If you are looking for a single, double-acting, or telescopic cylinder, our team of engineers carefully studies your needs and offers you a solution adapted to the requirements of your activity.

We are building the future: In full growth, we pass on our know-how and our values to new apprentices. The future is being built today, so let's prepare for it with work-study students. Our employees, passionate about their profession, pass on their skills and experience to the new generation.

Our hydraulic cylinder manufacturers make a point of honor to reactivity, flexibility, transparency, and a taste for challenge. Our employees are involved and demanding with themselves. This is reflected in the quality of our delivered products.