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As the name denotes these cylinders are very compact in design. We are credible manufacturers and exporters of an extensive range of compact cylinders. We procure the finest of the raw materials from the most trusted vendors of the city and use them in the compact cylinders manufacturing process. We have been in the forefront of the industry with our innovation and technology that we use in the manufacture of our splendid range of the compact cylinders. We have successfully supplied hundreds of the compact cylinders to our clients spread across in India and abroad.

Our clients can avail these compact cylinders in application specific designs in different sizes and specifications, which make them to perfectly suitable for various industrial applications in diverse sectors. These compact cylinders are thoroughly checked by our quality inspector to ensure delivery of a zero defect range in the market. There are many benefits that are customers can draw from our compact cylinders like their being compact in design which allows for a space saving mounting. These cylinders are provided with male and female threaded piston ends. We provide these compact cylinders with universal mounting, clamping, riveting, pushing, pulling and ejecting.

Clasys Best Compact Cylinders Manufacturers in India

India is a country growing at a fast pace and the industrial sector in the country has doubled over the last few decades making it is a booming field of business for compact cylinder manufacturers. Clasys is known for delivering amazing quality compact cylinders both within the national geographical boundaries and international boundaries. Compact cylinders are indispensable small cylinders which come in handy if there are any urgent requirements in case the attached pneumatic cylinder requires an extra workforce. If you have been going around in search of finding the best compact cylinder manufacturers in India to place your order of compact cylinders then consider your search to have reached it a one-stop solution with us at our Clasys firm.

• Compact cylinders are known for their delicate size and weight proportions. It is one of the smallest cylinders used which can not only give you the required workforce but is also very safe to use. The small size of the cylinder helps to make it compact and easily portable. The parts inside the compact cylinders are also smaller in size but the work efficiency of the cylinder has only increased over the years with various variants of the compact cylinder being manufactured.

• At Clasys we manufacture various types of the much in demand compact cylinders so that the cylinders can be used in place of various other cylinders in time of need. Mostly compact cylinders supply as an active and urgent backup if there is every a snag with the working of the currently mounted cylinders. The cylinders standing correct to its name of being compact can be easily adjusted inside the cylinder holder of various machines and vehicles.

• At Clasys we only manufactured standardized versions of the cylinder which are not only compatible with the ISO standard certifications but also come in varying sizes to ensure a complete adjusting capability with other varying sizes of cylinders of a different variety.

• We take special care to manufacture the compact cylinder parts separately and then attach the parts inside the body of the compact cylinder. All the parts are cut, measured and manufactured by machines only. The joining of the parts with that of the body of the cylinder is made with advanced manufacturing machines using various methods like welding and more. The process of manufacturing the parts individually also helps in putting the necessary coatings of anti-rusting etc., on each part effectively and easily.

• You can select to place your order of compact cylinders after choosing from our wide collection. The standard range of manufactured compact cylinders you can find with us is from 45, 55, 65, 75, to 95. Along with that, you can choose your pressure range from 1-15mpa. The Stoke range that we offer with our compact cylinders is 5-20 mm.

• If you want then you can customize any size you want along with the available pressure and stoke ranges. For queries related to the customization, you can talk with our designers and executives. We also offer compact cylinders that are specifically modeled on the design you want. We have expert designers who not only designs unique looking compact cylinders for us but are also available for you to put your design requirements in while placing your order or before placing your order. All our designers are qualified professionals who are known in the field and you can put your complete trust in us that we will make your compact cylinder design a reality with only a few specified touches.

• All the compact cylinders are made of metals. We use several metals and metal coatings to manufacture the said cylinders but the most commonly used metal is stainless steel as it offers a longer life span, strength and anti-corrosive capabilities of its own. Checking the density of the stainless steel to be used for the manufacturing process is important as the correct metal density will offer the best cut and shapes along with safety for the manufactured cylinder.

• We have various metal experts and laboratories set-up in our manufacturing factories itself to test the metals and the finished cylinders for perfection. The metals are either imported or bought in from the best dealers to make sure that there is no compromise on the part of the quality of the materials used to make the compact cylinders.

• If you are concerned about the mounting of the cylinders then rest assured you can use any kind of mounting you want. The cylinder barrel is attached with two end caps and bearings and can easily be fitted with the female threads used for mounting. The screws used are of various sizes and you can choose to pick any size of the screw you want depending on your cylinder size.

• The compact cylinders are also known as high force cylinders and can be worked using piston rods easily. If you are worried about the pricing of the compact cylinders then be worry-free as all our products are priced at reasonable prices. The prices might differ a bit if you need specific modifications and the rates also depend on the sizes of the compact cylinders you have ordered.

• You can also choose to go through the details of all our manufacturing procedures and the coatings used with our representatives. You can ask for a brochure or get one online itself. You can also take a tour of all our manufacturing ways virtually. You can easily obtain the clip from our executives. We make sure that our clients get the best of every deal that is closed with us. For all the legal processes including signing contracts, you can make use of our legal team as well. For all the contracts and the deals, we make sure that you can stay trouble-free as we handle all your legal concerns in a very transparent manner.

For delivery services, you can put in the location details and we will ship and deliver all the ordered items exactly on time absolutely without any extra charges. We cater to the needs of all industries and dealers directly so save your expenses further without having to go through brokers. Contact Clasys to connect with the best compact cylinder manufacturers in India.

Compact Cylinders, Compact Cylinders Suppliers, Compact Cylinders Manufacturers
Compact Cylinders, Compact Cylinders Suppliers, Compact Cylinders Manufacturers

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Compact Cylinders, Compact Cylinders Suppliers, Compact Cylinders Manufacturers

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Compact Cylinders, Compact Cylinders Suppliers, Compact Cylinders Manufacturers

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Compact Cylinders, Compact Cylinders Suppliers, Compact Cylinders Manufacturers

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Compact Cylinders, Compact Cylinders Suppliers, Compact Cylinders Manufacturers